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Licensing and partnering opportunities are available for Amura’s drug discovery programmes, technologies and intellectual property portfolio.  Amura adopts a flexible approach to licensing and partnering opportunities and welcomes enquiries from interested parties.

Licensing and partnering opportunities are available for:

 AMcore (Factsheet  )
AMcore™ provides a turnkey solution for the discovery of fully reversible ‘fast-on, slow-off ’ inhibitors of cathepsin proteases, a family of enzymes associated with numerous commercially attractive therapeutic areas.  AMcore™ was conceived, designed, developed and patented by Amura scientists, providing a very strong IP position that has matured to grant in major territories.

The potential of our candidates is highlighed through  oral-dosed proof-of-concept ("PoC")  studies in models of chronic neuropathic pain and rheumatoid arthritis with inhibitors of Cathepsin S; models of osteoprosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and bone metastasis with inhibitors of Cathepsin K; models of arthritic diseases with inhibitors of a mixed S/K profile. The data is excellent and confirms the potential of these molecules as clinical candidate drugs. In addition to the PoC efficacy data, the quality of the molecules is confirmed by a comprehensive pre-clinical package which includes pharmacokinetic data, selectivity and safety assessment.  For each indication, the development candidate and a first rate back-up molecule are now available for partnering.  

Amura is seeking partners with a common vision towards progression and commercialisation of these first in class therapeutics.

Full Compound Information Summaries are available from Amura under a Confidentiality Agreement. 

 ß-lactamase inhibitors  (Factsheet )
The ß-lactamase inhibitors (BLIs) are positioned as combination partner compounds for ß-lactam antibiotics including: penicillins, cephalosporins and carbapenems to be used in first-line i.v. treatments for broad-spectrum hospital-acquired bacterial infections.  Amura is seeking partners with a common vision towards progression and commercialisation of these combination therapeutics.

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