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 leaders in protease inhibitor design

Amura is a company dedicated to the development of protease inhibitors. Our key invention is  a new chemical solution for the inhibition of the mammalian cathepsins, an  important family of enzymes that are implicated in many diseases. Our second key asset is a broad spectrum  ß-lactamase inhibitor,  that is an ideal combination partner for resistance susceptible ß-lactam antibiotics.

Amura's AMcore™ scaffold is the premier chemical solution to cathepsin inhibitor design, generating compounds that are highly potent, specific, orally active and drug-like. Candidates based around the AMcore™ scaffold have addressed the problems inherent in competitor cathepsin inhibitors, providing Amura with a significant advantage for clinical assessment and commercialization in numerous attractive therapeutic indications.

Our development candidates for cathepsin S (AM-3840), K (AM-3701) and a mixed S/K profile (AM-3876) are ready for GMP synthesis, regulatory safety studies and clinical assessment giving a wealth of opportunities in large market indications such as  chronic neuropathic pain, autoimmunity (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis), osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, bone metastasisand malaria.  Notably, our cathepsin K inhibitor AM-3701 has the potential to treat both of the major arthritic diseases.

Amura will leverage its resources and capabilities to secure strategic alliances with globally-recognised licensing partners thereby generating shareholder value.



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